Monday, August 2, 2010

Discontinued Products

There's so many amazing products that are produced every season, however many times they are limited edition and or available for a limited time. This is how companies test products to see if clients like them or if the products are going to sit and expire on the shelves. If you absolutely LOVE something get two !!! Its hard to find products after they are gone. Not all products are gone forever though. Several Manufacturer you can contact directly via customer service or their websites. There are a couple that i can immidately go to and search that normally i have good luck with.....,, Ebay, Amazon, and my fave Once a month i have to replenish my freelance kit, so i frequent discount stores like Ross, T J Maxx, and Big Lots. I have stumbled upon Dove Facial Wipes, Loreal Liquid Liner in Noir Black (which is the best liner ever). 2000 lash mascara at Big Lots!!! Great finds there !!!

So Don't Worry.... I recently ran out of my Mineralize SkinFinish in Sunny By Nature and I thought i was going to die when i could see the silver pan under my product. So i started doing my research and i was able to swap for it on Makeupalley. !! YAY!!!!

Hoarding can be an issue.... But unopened beauty products can last for years .... So good luck being reunited with the products you LOVE .....

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