Sunday, October 2, 2011


Everyone wants to look their best but in a busy world, but dont always have the time. Heres some simple tricks of the trade that will have you looking picture perfect in no time flat.


Apply a generous layer of moisturizer or hydrating serum and eye cream to clean skin with a synthetic brush. Using a brush will apply a nice even coating to the skin and make it easier to control application around the hairline and eyes. Now go directly to applying your eye-makeup. When your eyes are done, blot off any excess moisturizer and your skin will be fully hydrated and in perfect condition for the next step – foundation and concealer.

Use a mineral water spray or hydrating serum on long airplane trips and in climate-controlled offices where recycled air lacks important moisture. This will keep your skin comfortable, soft and hydrated.

Oil-free hydrating serums are the perfect moisturizing solution for skin that is oily but also dehydrated.


Always prime you facial canvas to create the perfect surface for foundation to hold on to for longer wear and a fresher look throughout the day.

Use a tinted primer to color correct problem areas (green tint for redness) so you dont have to apply foundation heavily.

Use an oil-free primer in place of moisturizer on combo/oily skin before foundation application.

Use an illuminating primer to even the appearance of surface texture and give skin a subtle glow.


You dont need to cover your entire face with foundation as long as your color match is exact. Dot foundation on the face only where needed and blend the edges out with a foundation brush. Youll be surprised at how the correct shade will blend seamlessly with your own skin and even you out to a spectacular looking complexion.

No concealer? No worries just pat on a few light layers of foundation with a concealer brush for additional coverage under eyes or in problem areas.

For skin that needs the least amount of coverage, why not create the ultimate Tinted Moisturizer? Mix a dab of the perfect foundation color with your favorite moisturizer in the palm of your hand. Now swirls it over your face with a soft synthetic brush for perfectly invisible sheer coverage.

Choose a foundation color 2-3 shades lighter than your skintone to highlight, especially the center of face. 3-4 shades deeper than your exact match will sculpt and contour cheekbones & jawline like a pro. When youre done applying highlight and contours, use a soft synthetic kabuki brush to seamlessly blend all edges and give your skin an airbrushed look.

No matter how much or how little coverage you want, always brush foundation down and back on your face to avoid pushing into pores and lifting peach fuzz.


For a quick natural eye makeup, brush a little concealer on your eyelid as an eyeshadow base and set with loose powder. This will camouflage any discoloration. Now just add mascara and go! Use this same trick to make eyeshadow color look truer and wear longer.

Always choose a concealer that matches you skin exactly when trying to cover dark circles. Choosing a shade lighter than your actual skintone will actually accentuate the darkness.

An olive or golden toned concealer will remove redness around the eye area.

A peachy toned concealer will color correct and disguise blue-ish/purple undereye circles.

Using a small brush, apply concealer around the lip line to correct unevenness before drawing in with a lip pencil. Youll get a cleaner line and your lip color will stay in place much longer.


Brush a little bright blush directly into wet foundation and blend well before applying finishing powder for a flush of color that will last all day.

Buff a rich tan foundation on clean, moisturized skin in place of powder bronzer. It will look smoother and much more skin-like than powder.

If youre in a hurry, but want a quick coordinated lookuse your blush as a long lasting lip stain that will perfectly match your cheek color. Rub powder blush into well moisturized lips with a lip brush. Leave it as is for a soft matte look or top with a little gloss and go!


Your foundation will look fresher and last much longer when set with loose powder. Using a no-color (pigment free) face powder will insure that your foundation remains true to its original color. Always make sure to use a brush to buff powder into foundation to eliminate a dry, cakey looking texture.

A no-color face powder creates clean oil control. Even lightly pigmented translucent powders can appear darker or change color as skin oil breaks through.

Use loose powder on eyelids to absorb excess oil and prep for a smoother eyeshadow/eyeliner application and blending.

Load your brush with a little loose powder before you dip into your blush or bronzer for a sheerer, more delicate color application.


Light objects move forward and dark ones recede. To optimize small eyelids, brush a very light color on the lid and a darker color in the crease and upwards to the brow.

Use the same principle to minimize an overly large or bulging eyelid by using a color darker than your skin-tone from lash line to crease.

Wet your powder eye shadow and for intense color concentration or use it as an eyeliner. Pick up a small amount from the corner of your powder shadow pan with a dampened synthetic eye shadow or liner brush.

Line under lower lashes with eye shadow and a small detail brush instead of an eye pencil for a softer look.

Use brow powder and an angled eyebrow brush to fill in or define eyebrows. It will look more natural than the hard line of a brow pencil.

Using an accent colors on the eyelid might not be readily seen when the eye is opened, but it creates a fun surprise when the lid is lowered.


Applying eyeliner pencil to a defining brush before applying to the eye gives better control and fills in the space between eyelashes for a stronger looking lash line.

You can accent or intensify your eye color with a complimentary liner or eye shadow color smudged close to the lash line with a soft brush.

For an instant smoky look, apply liner thickly along upper and lower lashes and smudge with a detail brush. Next, apply a powder eye shadow in a similar color directly over the top of the liner and blend well.

Although applying cream eye shadow with your fingers seems quicker, it rarely gives you a polished look. Cream eye shadow will always look better when you blend out the edges with a soft brush.

Water-proof gel eyeliners are perfect for humid or rainy climates and a MUST for brides (or any other time you might get weepy). You can create precise lines with either an angled or square top flat brush.


Apply a little concealer on and around your lips and blend well with a soft brush. This will neutralize excess natural lip color that might change the look of your lipstick color.

Always use a lip brush to apply lipstick. Youll get a better, longer lasting application using less lipstick.

If you own a nice wardrobe of lipsticks, there no need to buy colored glosses Mix a tiny bit of lipstick with a dab of clear or shimmering gloss on the heel of your palm with a lip brush. Apply over nude lips for a fresh touch of color.

This trick is also a great way to extend your lip wardrobe by changing or amplifying an existing lipstick color with any of the custom glosses you create.