Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hightlighting and Contouring

Contouring and highlighting are one of the makeup techniques that every makeup addict should master. They can totally transform your face by playing up your features and downplaying your flaws and they usually go hand in hand.

An oval face shape is considered to be the perfect face shape, so in order to make your face look thinner and more sculpted, you want to shape your face so that it looks more oval. And best of all, you can do this by using nothing more than foundation and powder. By thinning out the face using the makeup techniques below, you’ll be surprised at what a youthful glow your face will have and what a difference it will all make.

Remember that Darker colors push back areas while lighter colors bring them forward.

So are contouring and highlighting necessary for everyone? No but everyone can definitely benefit from a little contouring and highlighting. All you need is practice and most importantly sure all your lines and is well-blended and buffed.

Contouring and highlighting also look best under evening lighting so if you are going to be in an environment with really bright light, I would recommend keeping it to a minimum.

What You Will Need
* To contour, you will need a color that is one to two shades darker than your foundation. You can use a brown eyeshadow, bronzer or a darker foundation. I love to use Medium Dark and Dark Minerlize Powders from MAC.

* To highlight, you will need a color that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation. You can use a shimmery white/beige eyeshadow, a lighter foundation or a highlighter. I use NW25 Concealer from MAC.

* I highly recommend using concealer, a press powder or cream formulas as they are the easiest to use. Remember to pick a color that is neutral. Try not to use products that may be too yellow, pink or red.

Areas to Contour
* Under your cheekbones
* Along both sides of your nose
* Bottom of your chin
* Jawline
* Creases of your eyes
* Temples

Areas to Highlight
* Front of the forehead
* Along the bridge of your nose
* Right above your cheeks
* Inner corner of your eyes
* Browbone
* Center of your chin
* Cupid’s bow (lips)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Applying False Lashes

Measure and glue

First measure the lashes against your own. If necessary, trim a little off the outside edge with nail scissors.
Apply a thin line of eyelash glue to the lash band and allow the glue to become 'tacky'.

Using tweezers or fingers (whichever is easier) guide the false lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible.
They should be sitting directly against your lashes, with no gaps.

Starting from the outer corner of the eye, gently press the lashes to the lash line until they are stuck down, good and proper.

Individual lashes
Use individual lashes when you want to fill in any gaps or add length to the outside edge of your eyes. Apply the same way as strip lashes but remember the glue in some packs is semi permanent and can last up to two weeks.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 Tips for Skin Care in Winters

Women like to look beautiful and pretty. For this they will do anything. They will spend hours in taking proper care of their skin, will buy stylish clothes and other accessories and would do correct makeup. Proper skin care is important for looking good. Skin care in summer season is easy and can be easily done whereas skin care in winter is bit difficult as skin in winters gets dry and rough.

Here are some tips for how to take care of skin in winter season:

Use proper cream and moisturizer regularly. Skin in winter becomes dry and so it is of utmost priority to make skin smooth and for that you should use moisturizer after taking a bath and before going to sleep. Moisturizer should be oil-based one as it will help to regain the body oils. Also it will keep the skin soft.
Avoid having longer hot-water bath. This hot-water fetches away all the oils from skin and leaves it rough. So to maintain natural oils of your body, duration of your bath should be reduced or you can take a bath with lukewarm water.
You can mix olive oil or some other soothing oil in the water with which you will take bath. This will help to retain the oils of the skin and will make it smooth.
In winter season, content of moisture in air is less. This small content leads to dry skin. You can use humidifiers at home or offices which will help you maintain the moisture level of your skin and thus your skin won’t dry out.
Water keeps the condition of skin intact. So, it becomes necessary to hydrate your skin if you want that your skin should remain soft and smooth. Therefore, you should drink water regularly in large amount.
Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week in winter season. This will help to remove dead skin cells from the skin and will make it soft and glowy once again. Also the moisture content of the skin will increase due to exfoliation.
For lip care, proper lip balm or lip oil or petroleum jelly should be used. Don’t lick your lips frequently. This will help to maintain the shine of your lips and also they won’t get rough.
In winter season, it is advisable not to keep your hands in water or some other chemical liquid for much time. If you do then they will become hard and the skin on it will crack easily. To prevent this you should wear gloves as they will protect your hands from getting rough.
Sunscreen lotion/moisturizer is not only meant to be used in summer season. Though in winter sun rays are not very strong, but they are strong enough to harm your skin. So, sunscreen lotion should be used in winter season also as it will protect skin from UV rays of sun.
Scalp loose moisture and eventually becomes dry in winters. So it is necessary to maintain the condition of scalp because if it becomes drier then it will result in dandruff. Therefore to protect the scalp from getting drier, it is advisable to wear a hat or scarf on the head. Also make sure that you don’t tie it tightly as it will result in increasing roughness of the hair. You can also apply olive oil and give massage to your scalp.