Friday, August 24, 2012


Put down those tweezers! If you do too much tweezing, you may shape your brows into something they aren’t, instead of highlighting what makes them unique. When your brows are how you want them (lightly tweezed) the easiest way to fill them in is with a combo of powder and pencil.

Stick to neutral tones that compliment your hair color. Blonds should go for taupes, dark blonds and light brunettes work well with ashy browns, dark brunettes are best off with dark browns, red heads should be grabbing chestnut colors, and those girls out there with jet black hair need blackened browns to fill in their brows.

Brush it out! Once you have defined your beautiful brows the next step is to brush them up a bit. Brush in an upward motion with a squirrel brush or you can even use a clean mascara brush! Spritz some hair spray on the brow brush of your choice to make sure they hold position. For a more natural look you could skip heavily defining your brows and just brush them out, adding a little powder on top to enhance the look in a subtle manner.

Brow Positioning: If you hold a pencil or your finger up directly next to your nose, where the pencil or your finger lies is where your brows should begin. You never want to tweeze them too far in as this can change the whole shape of your face completely, so always try to get them done by a professional. When drawing the tail, you never want to go too far out over the eye, so only go as far as about 2 cm out past where the actual corner of your eye is.

If you have brows that are mega thin, with not a lot of hair: I like to recommend a brow pencil that you can either sharpen to a very fine point, or that already has one. The reason why pencil is recommended for someone with not a lot of hair is because a powder can tend to look ‘misty’ and not adhere the best to the skin. Instead of using heavy pressure and trying to draw an intense line, it’s best to use soft strokes to mimic the look of actual hair. This makes the brows look more natural and not like you really tried to fill them in. To complete the finished look, use a clear brow gel (looks like a mascara for the brows) and sweep over the brows. This pulls the hair forward from the product and makes the hair more visible making the brows look as natural as possible.

If you have brows that are decent (hair wise) with sparse places: You can either use a pencil or a brow powder with an angled brush. If you use a pencil, just use light strokes to fill in the sparse areas, and to lightly outline the brow and be done with it. When using a brow powder, pick a color that looks a little lighter than you would think you’d use, because remember they darken when they hit your skin. With the angled brush you use, do the same thing in using light soft strokes with the brush. The tip of the angled brush should always face the inside of the eyebrow (towards the nose) for easiest application.I personally love MAC color Brun, Cork, Kid, or Cordoroy for brows. You can actually build a four pallet for just your brows so you can have a you products together.

If you have really thick brows, either use a pencil or a powder. Outline the bottom of the brows and go into the tail to make sure that’s the most defined since the tail seems to be the thinnest part of a brow.

Monday, August 6, 2012


It seems like there are a million different color options in the makeup aisle when all you want it the PERFECT shadow. How do you know which shades will look the best with your eye color? DON'T STRESS! Here are the best tips to making the right decision to accent your true iris beauty. ​ ​GREEN EYES Your best bright color option is purple. Select a couple different shades of purple (one light and one dark). Apply the darker color in the crease of your lid and the lighter color above the crease. Follow up with a light color powder or a non-shimmery gold on the brow bone. Want to make your eye color really pop? Natural colors are the way to go. Get a medium brown (either mocha or chestnut) and apply to the crease. Select a light brown, tan or gold color and fill in above your crease to your brow, blending the line between light and dark. Apply a light translucent powder under the crease. ​ BLUE EYES NO blue eye shadow. This is important it is worth repeating...NO BLUE! Light browns and tans are the subtle way to draw out the blue in your eyes. Going out? Use silver to highlight your brow bone. Need a little more color, add a light pink in your crease. ​ HAZEL EYES You have​ won the eye color lottery! Hazel eyes typically have specks of all colors in their eyes making almost all colors work with your eye color. To subtly accent your hazel eyes, apply a light layer of gold shadow to your brow line if you have a darker complexion. If you have a lighter complexion, try a light layer of silver. ​ BROWN EYES While you are not as lucky as the hazel eyed beauties, having brown eyes is pretty lucky too as most colors will accent your eyes. When using natural colors, the most important aspect to consider is your complexion. If you have a darker complexion, use light brown/tan shadow to contrast your eyes and skin color. If you have a lighter complexion, focus on mochas and chestnuts to get the contrast you need. ​ GRAY EYES While gray eyes are rare, green and blue eyes can change to a gray under certain light. If you tend to turn to gray, and have a green undertone, stick with purples and neutrals. With a blue undertone, try tans/browns or silver - but remember, stay away from blue!